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Selling Your Gear

While the Captains highly recommend continuing to play hockey, reality is that many of you will not have the time, interest, or both to continue playing hockey after graduation (especially when you start that big, important job). Luckily, you have an opportunity to sell back you equipment. 

There are two ways to sell your equipment: 1) sell your equipment to a rising second-year or first-year that plans to play, or 2) sell back to Whitie Bensens. Currently, the process for selling back to Whitie Bensen's entails getting your equipment appraised, receiving a gift card, giving that gift card to the rising captains, and then receiving money back when that gift card is used by a student later in that year. 

It should be noted that we are currently working with Whitie's to develop a more streamlined process to transfer equipment from year to year.