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Gear Maintenance

Your hockey gear is generally maintenance free. However, it is important that you air out your gear every once in a while. Otherwise not only will the moisture degrade your gear, it will smell like, well, wet hockey gear (which is come to be known as the worst sports smell out there). The easiest way to prevent this is to lay out your gear out and let it sit around for a day or two to dry out. You can also purchase a drying rack like this.

Skates must also be sharpened, depending on the amount and intensity of their use. If you are new at skating and only plan on skating during SOM Hockey Club practice, then you do not need to worry about skate sharpening. Since we only have practice once a week, the SOM Hockey Club includes skate sharpening one or twice a year, which is all you will need. If you skate more than once a week, you will need to get your skates sharped more often. The best place for that is, but of course, Whitie Bensen's (see Purchasing Gear page). 

From time to time adjustments are need to be made, like re-taping a stick or adjusting a helment. Below are some videos to help you do that. 

Taping the Blade of a Hockey Stick

Taping the Knob of the Hockey Stick

Adjusting the Helmet

Gear Storage

Once again, it is important to let you gear air out, and thus important to find a storage area in your home. This can be a closet, living room, basement, bathtub or wherever you can lay something out to dry out. The Yale SOM Hockey Club recommends that all players store there hockey gear in thier own homes or in the homes of other hockey-playing friends. 

If you must store some gear close to SOM temporarily, you may leave your bag underneath the stairwell that leads down to the student locker rooms. You may not air out your bag in this area. All gear must remain in the hockey bag and the bag must remain closed. SOM Facilities does not have to let us use that area for storage. They have been extremely kind and generous to let us do it anyway, so please keep the storage area neat and frangrance free!