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Purchasing Gear

The best place to purchase gear in New Haven is Whitie Bensen's. Whitie Bensen's ("Whitie's") is a specialy hockey store in West Haven, CT who supplies the Yale undergraduate varisty teams. They offer a large selection of both new and used gear while providing excellent service and assistance. Whitie's is the preferred vendor of the Yale SOM Hockey Club and has worked with the Club for many years. Thier staff is aware that many of our members are new to the sport and will assist both inexperienced and experienced players alike. 

Hockey gear may also be purchased through more traditional sporting stores and online retailers, like Dick's Sporting Goods and Amazon.com. While it is possible to purchase new gear online and in these stores, used gear selection at these vendors is very limited. If you decided to buy gear online, we HIGHLY recommend visiting a store to try on equipment for correct sizing, especially for skates

Yale SOM Hockey Equipment Exchange

Every year first- and second-year students put up their old equipment for sale for other students. The captains maintain a running Google doc for students to list equipment available for sale. Before you purchase your equipment from Whitie's or another place, please take a look and see if anything might be of use. Note that while most hockey equipment can be used by like-sized individuals, skates should be fitted correctly. If you take on someone's gear that fits, it is recommended to take the skates to Whitie's to ensure a proper fit. If the skates do not fit, you can usually exchange the skates for a pair that fits at Whitie's. 

Running Google Equipment Exchange

Whitie Bensen's

Whitie Bensens' is the recommended vendor of all things hockey. In addition, many of our former club members have sold their gear back to Whitie's in exchange for a gift card. We encourage all new players to utilize outstanding gift cards to purchase their gear at Whitie's. This ensures that graduating SOM'ers get cash back for their hockey gear. As a reward, all gift cards are available for purchase at a $5 discount. Please take a look at outstanding gift cards in the Google Doc below: 

Outstanding Gift Cards for Sale

SOM-Whitie Hockey Weekend

At the begining of every year we arrange a weekend for SOM students to visit Whitie's for used gear. Whitie's will have extra people on staff and bring out their entire inventory to help equip Yale SOM Hockey Club, please refer to club emails for the exact date. While you can purchase new or used gear at any time during the year, it is encourged for SOM students to visit Whitie's to ensure a full selection of gear. If you plan to visit Whitie's during this weekend (or at any time) and have a car, we encourage you to offer a ride to other students. Just remember that hockey equipment is large and will require enough trunk space upon return.

Whitie Bensen Althetic Equipment

38 Saw Mill Road, West Haven, CT 06516
           (203) 932-0035
Hours: M-F 10AM - 5:30PM, SAT 9AM - 4PM, SUN 10:30AM - 1:30PM