Sponsorship Opportunities

WiLD Funding

WiLD's objective is to make outdoor learning opportunities accessible to the Yale SOM community. Outdoor activities can be some of the least inclusive and accessible sports. Specialized gear and knowledge are often required, further increasing the barriers to entry and making it hard to even try out sports like cross-country skiing, canoeing, or climbing.

In order to make sports like this accessible, we raise money from companies in the outdoors space to help us fund communal gear purchases, guides, and other expenses to make our events as inclusive of the whole community as possible.

SOM Club Sponsorship Model

Companies can provide general financial support to the club at three tier levels: $500, $1,500, and $4,000. Companies can also give in-kind support with free or discounted gear, as well as sponsoring specific events. Interested parties can please get in touch with Yale SOM Career Development Office (som.recruiting@yale.edu), which handles club sponsorship. For any questions, feel free to reach out through the Contact Us page.