The Perks of Being a Partner at Yale SOM

Partner Privileges

Yale University is a diverse and culturally rich community with much to offer student partners and families, including access to Yale's world-famous libraries, museums, and athletic facilities. We hope all partners and families will have a positive and enriching experience and will make full use of the many resources of the University available to them.

Please note that some benefits and services are available only to student spouses and same-sex civil union partners (see asterisk * below), while others are also available to non-married partners.

Course Auditing

Student partners may informally audit up to two Yale SOM elective courses per semester, space permitting and with the instructor's permission. Partners may also audit many Yale College (undergraduate) courses as well as some graduate and professional school courses, with the instructor's permission. No fees are charged and no transcript or other record of attendance is provided.

Payne Whitney Gym &Yale Golf Course

Students may purchase Payne Whitney and Yale Golf Course memberships for their partners, by showing a valid Yale ID card and documentation showing shared residence such as a lease in both names, a joint checking account, utility bill in both names, etc.

Library Privileges *

Access privileges are automatically accorded to those holding valid Yale Student Affiliate Card, free of charge. The student and partner must appear together at the Library Privileges Office to sign a form and present documentation of shared residence (e.g., apartment lease with both names, valid passports or driver's licenses, or recent bank statement, credit card bill, or utility bill).

Student Affiliate ID Card *

Spouses and same-sex civil union partners are eligible for a Yale Student Affiliate Card. These cards can be used for a variety of resources and facilities, including library borrowing privileges, purchasing membership at the Payne Whitney Gym and Yale Golf Course, free museum admission to the Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Yale Art Gallery, and the Center for British Art, and discounts at the Yale Repertory Theatre and Yale athletic events. Please see link for specific requirements in order to obtain.

Yale Shuttle Service

The Yale Shuttle service provides 24-hour transportation around campus and from Yale buildings to residences within service boundaries. This service is free to everyone. There is no need to provide proof of affiliation to Yale. For shuttle service information, routes and schedules (including live "shuttle locator" information) please see link.

Yale Health *

Students may enroll spouses, same-sex civil union partners and dependent children for Yale Health coverage. Enrollment includes primary care services as well as hospitalization and specialty care. Yale Health Prescription coverage is also available.

Dental Insurance *

Dental insurance is offered to Yale graduate and professional school students and their spouses and children through the Delta Dental Insurance company. Coverage must be renewed each year; information is made available to students at the beginning of the academic year.

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