Housing At and Around Yale


East Rock: If you're looking for a neighborhood feel in New Haven, look no further than East Rock, a student and family-friendly neighborhood close to Yale SOM. East Rock is considered one of the safest parts of New Haven. The area features large old houses that have been converted into apartments, as well as some large pre-war apartment buildings that offer tenants ample space. Overall, East Rock apartments are decently well maintained, but they're older and often don't have amenities like dishwashers or in-unit washers and dryers. There are a number of restaurants, bars and laundry mats on State Street, and there are multiple grocery stores and cafes nearby on Orange Street.

Downtown: Downtown living is great for students who want to be close to bars, restaurants, and GPSCY. Depending on the building, it can cost more to live downtown, but many of the places are newer and include amenities like dishwashers, updated kitchens and baths, covered parking, gyms, etc. Popular downtown buildings include The Eli and 360 State, but you can find many additional downtown housing options online.

Wooster Square: The Wooster Square neighborhood is full of older homes and features the popular rival pizza places – Sally's and Pepe's. A growing number of SOM students are moving to Wooster Square but it is the farthest distance from school.

Mansfield: Students who are looking for a short walk to school may want to consider living in Mansfield. Mansfield is mainly comprised of two streets – Mansfield St. and Winchester St. – and the houses are very similar to those in East Rock. The food and bar options in the area are slim, but it is a close walk to the Payne Whitney Gym and Ingalls Rinks. Many of the houses on Mansfield Street are owned by Yale, which means they keep the yards and properties well maintained.

Hunting for Housing

Most of the rental companies, as well as individual apartment owners, list their apartments on craigslist, except for the Hadley apartments and buildings like 360 State and The Eli. You can also call one of the above rental companies – or visit their website - to view the apartment listings they have available. Well-priced, good condition listings move quickly in New Haven, but don't be alarmed – new listings come open often.

Heat - If heat is not included in the rent, ask the current tenants about winter heating costs. The tenants will often give you a better idea of the actual costs than the landlord. Oil heat and electric heat are more expensive than gas. So, if heat isn't included, make sure you know what type of heat you'll be paying for.

AC - Air conditioning is rare in New Haven's older properties, so be prepared to get a window unit for the spring/summer if you can't stand the heat.

Washer/Dryer: Most buildings/houses in East Rock and Mansfield have a washer/dryer in the basement, and they are often coin operated. Be sure to ask how many units share the W/D facilities. It's rare to find a W/D in the actual unit in the older apartments.

Dishwasher: Dishwashers are rare in East Rock. If you're looking for one, be sure to ask the landlord about it specifically.

Kitchens/Bathrooms: Generally, kitchens and bathrooms in East Rock and Mansfield are old, even in the more expensive units. If you're looking for "new" kitchens and bathrooms, your best bet is to look to downtown in apartment buildings like The Eli or 360 State Street.

Parking: If you have a car, try to get an apartment that has a designated parking spot. It can be tough to find parking on the street (depending on the street), especially when it snows.

Snow Removal: If you're renting part of a house, ask the landlord if snow removal and lawn mowing are included in the price of the apartment. A few landlords will make you do your own mowing/snow removal, or charge tenants for snow removal each time it snows.

Pets: Many apartments allow cats, but it's a bit harder to find apartments that will allow dogs. Often the listing will say "no pets" or "cats only," but once you've met the landlord, you may be able to negotiate with him. If you really like the place, offer the landlord a pet deposit as incentive and/or offer to have the carpets cleaned before you leave.

Housing Resources


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