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About Out Of Office

Out Of Office and SOM

Out Of Office is Yale SOM's LGBTQ+ student organization. We:

  1. Provide a support system for LGBTQ+ students within the SOM community
  2. Provide a social network for LGBTQ+ SOM students to interact with the broader Yale community
  3. Work as a general information resource on LGBTQ+ issues for the wider SOM community
  4. Provide recruiting, networking, and other career development opportunities for LGBTQ+ students
  5. Foster an open community of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, professionals, alumni, and allies

As part of our programming we host and facilitate a number of events throughout the year including:

“Straight But Not Narrow” Skits: Playful skit show that aims to bring to light issues that LGBTQ+ people face in the workplace and prepare the SOM community for active allyship. Written, directed and starring SOM students.

Community Dinner: Dinner where the SOM community comes together to share personal experiences relating to LGBTQ+ identity, through "coming out stories," illustrative anecdotes, or reflections on why being a friend to the LGBTQ+ community is important.

Fall Retreat: Retreat where club members escape to a nearby destination for a weekend of hiking, barbequing, games, and group bonding.

Winter Mixer: Gathering for LGBTQ+ affinity groups across the university hosted at Evans Hall.

LGBTQ+ Recruiting Events: Recruiting, networking, and career developments events and dinners hosted by companies for the LGBTQ+ community at SOM.

The Greater Yale Community

In addition to the events that Out Of Office puts on, we are also connected to LGBTQ+ life at greater Yale. The Office of LGBTQ+ Resources at Yale provides programming throughout the year designed to bring the entire Yale community together in social, cultural, and academic events. Find out more about them here:

Office of LGBTQ Resources