About Us

The mission of Out Of Office is to provide a forum for the exploration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues within the Yale School of Management (SOM) community and future professional settings. Our goals span six areas:

Social Network

Provide a support system and social network for LGBTQ+ students in their intersectional identities.

Career Development

Provide recruiting, networking, and other career development opportunities for LGBTQ+ students at SOM.

Intersectional Engagement

Work in solidarity with other affinity groups at SOM to raise intersectional awareness about and take collective action to dismantle systemic inequalities.

Greater Yale Community Involvement

Coordinate with the Office of LGBTQ+ Resources at Yale to develop programming designed to bring the entire Yale community together in social, cultural, and academic events.


Engage allies at SOM in LGBTQ+ programming and events.

Education and Resources

Provide educational resources on LGBTQ+ issues for the broader SOM community.