We Need You.

Internship Fund relies on your support to continue its mission. Donate here to help future business leaders make an impact today.

Thank you for your generous gift to IF! Current students can wear their IF love proudly with our merch (below).

A $500 donation receives all four items.

IF Face Mask

You have to wear one. Why not rep a good cause?

Donation Tier: $75

IF T-Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve (or at least your love for you favorite initiative) with this What IF tee.

Donation Tier: $100

IF Baseball Cap

Keeps the sun out of your eyes? Check.
Looks cool? Check.
Supports SOM's coolest club? Double check.

Donation Tier: $150

IF Crewneck Sweatshirt

Forget that SOM Patagonia. Let IF help you stay warm through a long winter.

Donation Tier: $300

Please note that donation gifts are for current SOM students only. Tier eligibility will be assessed based on one-time donation amounts (i.e., multiple small donations will not be added up). Additionally, auction bids or event-related donations are not eligible for donation gifts. The IF team will contact eligible recipients with more information about selecting and picking up their gifts. If you believe you are eligible but have not been contacted, please reach out to us at club-ifund@som.yale.edu.