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About Us

The mission of the Africa Business & Society Club (ABSC) is to organize SOM students with African connections and interests and socialize their experiences, knowledge, networks, and passions for Africa-related business, career development, education, impact-creation, cultural outreach, and issue-advocacy – at SOM and at larger Yale.









Members Benefits

We execute on our mission through the following programs, events, and initiatives: i) African career fairs and internship-organization sourcing through partnerships with Yale undergraduate African student-organizations like YASA and YAAPD; ii) Africa Growth Stories, a Thought Leadership Speaker Series with leading African business, government, nonprofit, and civil-society actors; iii) Africa Start-up Review, an annual SOM-hosted competition centered on start-up businesses in Africa; iv) Africa Admissions Ambassadors events in Africa powered by student initiative; v) Mentorship/Buddy program to ease acculturation transition of newly admitted African students; vi) Joint hosting of cultural events like African cappellas and artisanal exhibitions with the Cross-Cultural Committee of Student Life; vii) Educational trips to development institutions, museums, and national parks in flagship American cities; viii) Advocacy to enrich SOM curriculum with salient African subject-matter; ix) Engagement of SOM African alumni in a groundbreaking Africa-focused Lifetime Mentors program; x) Outreach to and liaising of African GNAM schools; xi) Joint Club events with the Japan, Greater China, South Asian Business Forum, and Korea clubs to explore World Connections across seas; xii) Africa Enterprise Week, a week-long Club trip to Africa for hands-on immersion in social and business projects that actuate development impact; xiii) Social and networking events like African Movie Nights for the whole of SOM; xiv) Africa Conversations to create community awareness via narratives that echo success stories in Africa; and xv) Partnered fundraising initiatives with African groups at other schools of Yale to support headline health, natural disaster, land-biodiversity, and human rights emergencies (the Africa Healthcare, Earth Conservation and Rights Abuse Fund).

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Reid Jackson
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