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As a sponsor, your organization will build its brand among our students and strengthen its relationship with the school. Silver and Gold Sponsorships are full-year club packages that help WIM fund frequent club events that build community and provide professional business skills.

You can also consider being a conference sponsor if there is a conference that particularly resonates with you. Our conferences for the 2023-2024 year will include YWLL and Fempire,

Conference Sponsor

Amount Varies Per Conference

  • Branding/logo feature at our Fempire or YWLL Conference

  • Acknowledgement at Keynotes

  • Branding/logo in club newsletters

Silver Sponsor

$500Per Annum

  • Branding/logo in all club events and online marketing materials

  • Branding/logo in all club newsletters

  • Acknowledgement at club meetings

Gold Sponsor

$1,500 Per Annum

  • Branding/logo for all club events, and online marketing materials

  • Priority placement in club materials to market employer engagement events, job postings, etc.

  • Branding/ logo in club's monthly newsletters

  • Acknowledgement at club meetings

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Yesenia Ye Phoebe Lambert Career Development Office
Co-President Co-President Yale SOM Employee Partnership Manager
Yesenia.Ye@yale.edu Phoebe.Lambert@yale.edu som.recruiting@yale.edu

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