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Application Fee Waiver:

Yale SOM offers an application fee waiver to members and Veterans of the US Armed Forces.         E-mail Yale SOM Admissions to request the fee waiver: mba.admissions@yale.edu.


Post-9/11 GI Bill:

Yale SOM participates in the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s Yellow Ribbon Program.  Currently Yale SOM contributes $20,000 per year.


Visiting Yale:

Visiting Yale is a great way to become better informed about SOM as you make your way through the application process. Having the opportunity to talk to students in person and sit in on classes will help you assess whether Yale is a good fit for you and will allow you to speak more intelligently about the school and the SOM curriculum in your essays and interview.

We recommend that you register for a visit through the admissions department, but if no class visits are listed as available you can contact us and we can arrange to take you to one or more classes with us. We can also meet with you for lunch or to answer any questions you have about the MBA admissions process. The admissions department also offers information sessions, which are worth attending if they fit your schedule.

A visit is not a requirement for admission—several of us never visited Yale prior to arriving for classes this fall, and others did not visit until coming to New Haven to interview with admissions. Geography obviously plays a role—if you are deployed, stationed overseas, or on the West Coast, you will have a harder time planning a visit than an applicant from the East Coast. Applicants to Yale SOM should feel free to contact us at club-veterans@som.yale.edu.  If you are here for a tour and classes, we would be happy to meet you on campus as well.


Military Open House:

Yale SOM will have a Military Open House event on Friday September 30th, 2016 for prospective students who are veterans. It will be a full day of information panels and speakers with a focus on veterans, and there will be multiple opportunities to chat with current students as well. Register here.