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Our Team

Jessica Perelman Profile

Jessica Perelman

Rachel Kinney Profile

Rachel Kinney

Lirjeta Klenja Profile

Lirjeta Klenja

Nader Sleiman Profile

Nader Sleiman

Basith Nijamudeen Profile

Basith Nijamudeen

Aytaj Damirchibayli Profile

Aytaj Damirchibayli

Christopher Ratzlaff Profile

Christopher Ratzlaff

Alvaro Morales Profile

Alvaro Morales

Adriano Santos Profile

Adriano Santos

Christopher Orban Profile

Christopher Orban

Marisa Li Profile

Marisa Li

Sree Vankineni Profile

Sree Vankineni

Marc Berson Profile

Marc Berson

Arun Balaraman Profile

Arun Balaraman

Adam Kulam Profile

Adam Kulam

Erin Manning Profile

Erin Manning

Louise Oelofse Profile

Louise Oelofse

Stephen Potts Profile

Stephen Potts

Weiye Guan Profile

Weiye Guan

Krupa Kadiwala Profile

Krupa Kadiwala

Ani Sinani Profile

Ani Sinani

Craig Sauer Profile

Craig Sauer

Chloe Yang Profile

Chloe Yang

Nicholas Wilcox Profile

Nicholas Wilcox

Ivan Yu Profile

Ivan Yu

Christine Zhou Profile

Christine Zhou

Kevin Moss Profile

Kevin Moss

Nick Page Profile

Nick Page

Celeste Watkins Profile

Celeste Watkins

Sivaram Pragadeesh Siva Profile

Sivaram Pragadeesh Siva

Thomas McFarland Profile

Thomas McFarland

John Havlik Profile

John Havlik

Axel Gomez-Parada Profile

Axel Gomez-Parada

Cinthya Garibay Profile

Cinthya Garibay

Olivia Ouyang Profile

Olivia Ouyang

Hoori Barkh Profile

Hoori Barkh

Madhu Gnanamurugan Profile

Madhu Gnanamurugan

Sudiksha Dhoot Profile

Sudiksha Dhoot

Aniket Aggarwal Profile

Aniket Aggarwal

Lakshmi Singh Profile

Lakshmi Singh

Cassandra Hay Profile

Cassandra Hay

Siena Harlin Profile

Siena Harlin

Eleanor Wachtel Profile

Eleanor Wachtel

Arthur Sinaga Profile

Arthur Sinaga

Henry Muggia Profile

Henry Muggia

Conor Bronsdon Profile

Conor Bronsdon

Yousuf Rehman Profile

Yousuf Rehman

Aitash Deepak Profile

Aitash Deepak

Ruqiao Mao Profile

Ruqiao Mao

Daniel Bacheschi Profile

Daniel Bacheschi

S. Hackett Landefeld Profile

S. Hackett Landefeld

Laurence Spekterman Profile

Laurence Spekterman

Natnicha Laodara Profile

Natnicha Laodara

Amanda Fenenbock Profile

Amanda Fenenbock

Jiarui Bai Profile

Jiarui Bai

Kai Liao Profile

Kai Liao

Eamonn Gossard Profile

Eamonn Gossard

Jose Castellon Profile

Jose Castellon

Abhishek Gupta Profile

Abhishek Gupta

Teresa Dai Profile

Teresa Dai

Joseph Raff Profile

Joseph Raff

Emily Yeh Profile

Emily Yeh

Austin Kwoun Profile

Austin Kwoun

Saite Yuan Profile

Saite Yuan

Lee Larson Profile

Lee Larson

Christopher Galvin Profile

Christopher Galvin

Natalie Tang Profile

Natalie Tang

Sage Fortune Profile

Sage Fortune

Alexandra Grassby Profile

Alexandra Grassby

Rebecca Zhao Profile

Rebecca Zhao

Catherine Dai Profile

Catherine Dai

Bikesh Dahal Profile

Bikesh Dahal

Mark Fox Profile

Mark Fox

Annie Shi Profile

Annie Shi

Luci Lyu Profile

Luci Lyu

Julian Gustavo Fuentes Loza Profile

Julian Gustavo Fuentes Loza

Carolyn Perry Profile

Carolyn Perry

Tyler Detorie Profile

Tyler Detorie

Alexandra Baker-Brown Profile

Alexandra Baker-Brown

Benjamin Schneider Profile

Benjamin Schneider

Casie Ramsier Profile

Casie Ramsier

Adán Rivas Profile

Adán Rivas

Evan Karson Profile

Evan Karson

Pranammya Dey Profile

Pranammya Dey

Trisha Chaudhary Profile

Trisha Chaudhary

Yuyang Zhang Profile

Yuyang Zhang

John Wu Profile

John Wu

Jennifer Adachi Profile

Jennifer Adachi

Haoran Wang Profile

Haoran Wang

Hiroki Kawamura Profile

Hiroki Kawamura

Keisuke Oi Profile

Keisuke Oi

Sharan Subramanian Profile

Sharan Subramanian

Dorothy Chen Profile

Dorothy Chen

Peter Somi Profile

Peter Somi

Dhruv Garg Profile

Dhruv Garg

Joshua Young Profile

Joshua Young

LK Lau Profile

LK Lau

Qian Huang Profile

Qian Huang

Aaron Beal Profile

Aaron Beal

Tiffany Lau Profile

Tiffany Lau

Danning Gu Profile

Danning Gu

Mahdi Khairallah Profile

Mahdi Khairallah

Steven Lin Profile

Steven Lin

Yiyun Pan Profile

Yiyun Pan

Zihan Su Profile

Zihan Su

Joao Rocha Profile

Joao Rocha

Selina Wang Profile

Selina Wang

Toshinari Ishikawa Profile

Toshinari Ishikawa

Dan Dwyer Profile

Dan Dwyer

Kelsey Niehoff Profile

Kelsey Niehoff

Katherine Wendt Profile

Katherine Wendt

Mason Caldwell Profile

Mason Caldwell

Caro Sánchez Profile

Caro Sánchez

A.J. Roy Profile

A.J. Roy

Siyi Wang Profile

Siyi Wang

Tareq Mia Profile

Tareq Mia

Ali Nourang Syed Profile

Ali Nourang Syed

Christian Avila Profile

Christian Avila

Michael Cheng Profile

Michael Cheng

Jackie Peszynski Profile

Jackie Peszynski

Jacob Hurwitz Profile

Jacob Hurwitz

Jacob Lyon Profile

Jacob Lyon

Joysha Agarwal Profile

Joysha Agarwal

Ragini Luthra Profile

Ragini Luthra

Neha Jain Profile

Neha Jain

Fernando Landa Saldana Profile

Fernando Landa Saldana

Venkatarun Rao Profile

Venkatarun Rao

Dylan Gerstel Profile

Dylan Gerstel

Emanuel Ritschard Profile

Emanuel Ritschard

Jonah Kelly Profile

Jonah Kelly

Marc Mazzucco Profile

Marc Mazzucco

Rachel Rogers Profile

Rachel Rogers

Allan Zhang Profile

Allan Zhang

Anna Misley Profile

Anna Misley

Jaeseung Bang Profile

Jaeseung Bang

Jay Rosenberg Profile

Jay Rosenberg

Sofia John Profile

Sofia John

Jessica Helton Profile

Jessica Helton

Cheryl Zhang Profile

Cheryl Zhang

Balajee R S Profile

Balajee R S

Chaitanya Nuthalapati Profile

Chaitanya Nuthalapati

Jack Xuhui Zhang Profile

Jack Xuhui Zhang

Alyssa Ferdetta Profile

Alyssa Ferdetta

Grace Aranow Profile

Grace Aranow

Samuel Witmer Profile

Samuel Witmer

Angela Maalouf Profile

Angela Maalouf

Vatsal Gupta Profile

Vatsal Gupta

Athena Bryan Profile

Athena Bryan

Burke Hall Profile

Burke Hall

Joseph Calafiore Profile

Joseph Calafiore

Adam Mansell Profile

Adam Mansell

Andrew Chen Profile

Andrew Chen

Stacey Hou Profile

Stacey Hou

Zachary Ogle Profile

Zachary Ogle

Craig Miranda Profile

Craig Miranda

Henry Hu Profile

Henry Hu

Himanshu Goyal Profile

Himanshu Goyal

Jasmine Peng Profile

Jasmine Peng

Lise De Maere Profile

Lise De Maere

Shashank Ghiria Profile

Shashank Ghiria

Mary Jeanne Chappell Profile

Mary Jeanne Chappell

Khine Thant Profile

Khine Thant

Georgiy Zubkovskiy Profile

Georgiy Zubkovskiy

Mary Katherine DeWane Profile

Mary Katherine DeWane

Eesha Ghate Profile

Eesha Ghate

Sam Strandberg Profile

Sam Strandberg

Chloe Zhou Profile

Chloe Zhou

Adrian Lale Farjat Profile

Adrian Lale Farjat

Daniel Ramirez-Raftree Profile

Daniel Ramirez-Raftree

Matthew Laitkep Profile

Matthew Laitkep

Siddharth Pratahkal Profile

Siddharth Pratahkal

Will Gardner Profile

Will Gardner

Yue Wang Profile

Yue Wang

Elaine Hou Profile

Elaine Hou

Joandy Pratama Profile

Joandy Pratama

Joshua King Profile

Joshua King

Sushruta Mishra Profile

Sushruta Mishra

Taylor Parkinson Profile

Taylor Parkinson


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