Recruiting Curriculum

Participate in the Tech Club's weekly curriculum, join a case team, and prepare to interview for roles with the biggest names in tech

Our curriculum covers all the topics that you need to feel prepared when you interview for that dream job

Product design, strategy, metrics, operations - you name it, we cover it. Our structured approach to recruiting prep includes weekly classroom sessions, case teams, second-year mentors, and mock interviews.

Weekly Sessions

Dive into a range of topics, frameworks, and discussions that you can leverage in your interviews. We provide an overview of the subject and answer your questions before challenging you with real interview questions. Learn alongside your peers in this interactive setting.

Case Teams

You've learned the frameworks - now practice with peers. There's no substitute to getting in your reps and getting real-time feedback. Tech Club leaders group participants with similar levels of determination and motivation. You'll gain just as much from watching your peers answer case questions and providing them with feedback as you will when it's your turn to be interviewed.

Second-year Mentors

Each case team is led by a second-year mentor with experience in the technology industry. After reviewing the curriculum's topic of the week, they'll work with you to build your skills and confidence with the framework and answer your questions in an intimate setting.

Mock Interview Day

Let's put it all together. Tech Club's Mock Interview Day is a the closest you'll get to the real thing. The pressure is on!

Past Event Spotlight: Tech Trek

Students visited the biggest names in tech to get a feel for the campus, culture, and community

A taste of the tech industry

During a school break, a group of tech-focused students flew to the West Coast to visit alumni working with industry-leading companies in Silicon Valley. We also hosted a joint mixer with other MBA programs and an alumni reception to build more connections in the area.

Read this blog post for more details!

Professional and Social Events

From connections with industry thought-leaders to happy hours with club members, expect a rich experience throughout your time at SOM

Our events differ from year to year, but here is a taste of events that we've held recently:

Best-selling Authors - including Lewis Lin (Decode & Conquer) and Jackie Bavaro (Cracking the PM Interview) - spoke directly with Tech Club members and answered questions about a career in tech as a product manager

Movie Screening of Coded Bias, the 2020 tech-focused documentary featured at Sundance, SXSW, and SF Film Festival exploring the impact of racism in facial-recognition algorithms

Tech Stack Deep Dive to understand each component of the internet. Presented by entrepreneur, scientist, and lecturer Kyle Jensen

Social events with other professional clubs such as Data Analytics and Digital Health at New Haven's most popular restaurants

Plus: Ask-Me-Anything Panels with SOM second-year students, How To Succeed At Your Summer Internship advice sessions, and panel collaborations with the Women In Management Club

Affiliated Professional Clubs

Complement your participation in Tech Club by attending events with these clubs

Recommended Electives

Whether you're pivoting into tech or diving deeper into the industry, these courses from SOM and across Yale University will prepare you to launch your career

MGT 656: Management of Software Development

MGT 660: Advanced Mgmt. of Software Development

MGT 556: Big Data & Customer Analytics

MGT 857: Digital Strategy

MGT 561: Product Management

MGT 525: Competitive Strategy