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The Yale School of Management (“Yale SOM”) Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their Yale SOM experience and the experience of future classes. The institution fosters communication, respect and understanding among students, faculty, staff and alumni in order to maintain and enhance the Yale School of Management’s unique place in the field of business education.









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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

David Arteaga-Caicedo
Marketing & Communications
Alice Yu
Taiki Suzuki
Technology & Operations
Katherine Cai
Silver Cohort Representative
Arun Venkatesan
CDO Representative
Irene Koo
Reeve Harde
Adhi Murali
Clubs & Finance
James La Vela
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Gerald Kounadis
Orange Cohort Representative
Golden Gao
Academic Affairs
Meelendra Singh
GPSS Senator (MAM)
Ariana Baurley
Alumni Affairs
Ben Valk
GPSS Senator (GBS)
Julia Frederick
Gold Cohort Representative
Kiara Feliz
Green Cohort Representative
Lina G. Kacyem
Blue Cohort Representative
Tizian Roemmelt
Purple Cohort Representative
Martha McNiff Bull
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Nauman Charania
Career Development
Jorge Alejandro Lievano
Red Cohort Representative
Joseph Alexander Thew
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Shruthi Gopal
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Snigdha Rao
Stephanie Wayne
Student Life Committee
Charles Gress
Community Service
Danny Hurvitz
Equity & Inclusion Representative
Chris Lash
Academic Affairs
Will Vanderbilt
Technology & Operations
Adriana Ortiz
Alumni Affairs
Betty Tang
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Mary Zhao
Marketing & Communications
Lisa Joseph
Co-Vice President & Blue Cohort Rep
Alejandro Garcia
Student Life
Erik Portillo
Gold Cohort Representative
Wira Ramanto
Katherine Cattanach
Co-Vice President & Silver Cohort Representative
Arkadiy Chapko
Clubs & Finances
Daniel Egol
Equity & Inclusion
Sarah Graf
Green Cohort Representative
Jaime Totti
GPSS Senator (MBA)
Amanda Hatheway
Red Cohort Representative


Student Government

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