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Welcome to the Yale SOM
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The Yale School of Management Student Government is
the principal means by which students collectively shape their
Yale SOM experience and the experience of future classes.

Dear Classes of 2016 and 2017

Let me start by saying that I am truly honored to have the opportunity to lead the student body this year. I am in constant awe of the intellectual curiosity and genuine kindness found across our student body, and remain humbled in the face of the collective wisdom SOM possesses. We are witnessing a period of profound growth. The faculty and administration work tirelessly to ensure the best resources and ideas are made available to us, but as students, the foundation of SOM, we are equally responsible for improving and promoting the brand, culture and future of our school. It is truly up to us to ensure that SOM moves as one unified unit. I am dedicated to doing all that I can, working alongside the student body, faculty, and administration, to ensure that this is a year to be proud of.

2016s - I can’t believe how far we’ve come. It seems like yesterday we were politely (read: awkwardly) shaking hands with one another and climbing through obstacle courses at orientation. We’ve witnessed remarkable physical change at SOM – being the first class to start their first year at Evans Hall, BYOD, and changes in curriculum, grading policy, and GSR. We know where we want SOM to be and how much support we need to give to the first years as they experience the same uncertainty of starting graduate school. Most of all, we need to stick together and make sure this year is one of the best! And for MAMs, your professional and global knowledge is just as valuable. So absorb your lessons from this summer, and arrive relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle the next nine months before graduation.


2017s - The next two years will be a wild ride, filled with a range of emotions you’ve likely not felt for a very long time. You’ll be mentally and physically exhausted, drowning in new knowledge, and giddy with excitement when you receive your first (of many) internship offers. I encourage you to lean on the Class of 2016 – we are here to help. At the end of the day, it will all be worthwhile. Some of you are working towards a long-held goal, while others will partake in some trial and error before finding the right "fit". Major life milestones will be celebrated; engagements, marriages, babies. It’s undoubtedly an overwhelming experience, but you are in it together and will make friends that last a lifetime. SOM is a magical place, make the most of it. 

As we look ahead, I challenge you to push yourselves further. Take risks. Leave your comfort zone. And get lost in the wonderful opportunities available to us at one of the greatest institutions in the world. The way I see it, SOM is always ahead of the curve. We aspire to never be complacent and to adapt, while still holding dear those same basic principles that led to the foundation of a school of management for business and society. I continue to be inspired by all of you and am looking forward to another amazing year!

Brittan Berry
President, Yale SOM Student Government




The Yale School of Management (“Yale SOM”) Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their Yale SOM experience and the experience of future classes. The institution fosters communication, respect and understanding among students, faculty, staff and alumni in order to maintain and enhance the Yale School of Management’s unique place in the field of business education.