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The Yale School of Management ("Yale SOM") Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their Yale SOM experience and the experience of future classes. The institution fosters communication, respect and understanding among students, faculty, staff and alumni in order to maintain and enhance the Yale School of Management's unique place in the field of business education.

Our Team

Nico Pedreira Profile

Nico Pedreira

Trisha Chaudhary Profile

Trisha Chaudhary

Vice President & Community & Inclusion Chair
Paolo De Marchis Profile

Paolo De Marchis

Academic Affairs
Ano Shonhiwa Profile

Ano Shonhiwa

Alumni Affairs
Arthur Li Profile

Arthur Li

Clubs & Finance Chair
Leigh Ramsey Profile

Leigh Ramsey

Blue Cohort Representative
Neha Mittapalli Profile

Neha Mittapalli

Blue Cohort Representative
Grace McEnery Profile

Grace McEnery

Gold Cohort Representative
Ioana Solomon Profile

Ioana Solomon

Green Cohort Representative
Adam Tang Profile

Adam Tang

Red Cohort Representative
Robert Davis Profile

Robert Davis

Silver Cohort Representative
Mariah Smith Profile

Mariah Smith

CDO Representative
Aman Jindal Profile

Aman Jindal

Career Development Office Chair
Luisa Orique de Oliveira Locatelli Profile

Luisa Orique de Oliveira Locatelli

Community & Inclusion
Rui Li Profile

Rui Li

Community Service
Edward Chiu Profile

Edward Chiu

GPSS Senator (MBA)
Arjun Kumar Profile

Arjun Kumar

GPSS Senator (GBS)
Enrico Olla Atzeni Profile

Enrico Olla Atzeni

GPSS Senator (MBA)
Sonia Seth Profile

Sonia Seth

Health & Wellness Chair
Alejandra Lopez Valdes Profile

Alejandra Lopez Valdes

International Student Affairs
Nancy Xu Profile

Nancy Xu

International Student Affairs
Lacey Neel Profile

Lacey Neel

Marketing & Communications Chair
Joaquin Pujol Profile

Joaquin Pujol

Admissions Chair
Alicia Zheng Profile

Alicia Zheng

Student Life Chair
Katherine Wendt Profile

Katherine Wendt

Sustainability Chair
Lauren D’Souza Profile

Lauren D'Souza

Sustainability Chair
Jun Go Profile

Jun Go

Technology & Operations Chair


Student Government

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