Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fit for Thought?

Fit for Thought is Yale SOM's student-run fitness facility. It is managed by a team of student leaders and available to affiliates of Yale SOM for a semester-based fee. All profits from the operations of Fit for Thought benefit the Internship Fund.

Where is the gym?

Fit for Thought is in the basement of Evans Hall on the East side of the building (underneath Zhang Auditorium). The basement hallways are signposted with directions to help you find various facilities including FFT.

Who can use Fit for Thought?

All affiliates of Yale SOM may become a member of Fit for Thought. This includes: ┬À Current SOM students (including any dual degree students not at SOM this semester)
┬À SOM Faculty and Staff
┬À Partners/spouses who have an active Yale ID

How much does it cost to belong to Fit for Thought?

Membership to Fit for Thought previously was $80 per semester or $120 for the year. Membership dues are currently under review and will be updated shortly. You MUST have a CampusGroups account to sign-up.

What machines and equipment can I find at Fit for Thought?

Fit for Thought has a mix of cardio, strength and plyometric equipment, including:

1 Elliptical machine
2 Treadmills
1 Peloton bike
2 Power racks
1 Two-column cable tower
1 Set of dumbbells 5lbs - 70lbs
1 Set of dumbbells 5lbs - 20lbs
1 Set of kettlebells 10lbs - 50lbs
1 Set of medicine balls 5lbs - 20lbs
And various other smaller equipment for diversified exercise, including boxes, yoga mats, jump ropes, resistance bands, and foam rollers.

When is Fit for Thought open (operating hours)?

The gym is open 24/7. SOM students, faculty, staff, and partners who have successfully signed-up and paid the membership fee will have card access to the gym room.

Is there a reservation system for the Fit for Thought?

As of now, no. We have used a reservation system in the past to ensure compliance with COVID restrictions, but do not plan to reinstate it at this time. We may do so if COVID restrictions change or overcrowding becomes an issue.

Does Fit for Thought provide personal training services?

No, currently there is no personal training available in the gym, though this service may be implemented in the future. If you are interested in a personal trainer, consider checking out the services available through Payne Whitney Gym.

Are locker rooms and showers available in Fit for Thought?

The student locker room near the gym includes a shower + enclosed changing area. Please be considerate of others who may also need the facility by limiting your shower/changing time.

How often will the gym area be cleaned?

During the school year, Fit for Thought is professionally cleaned every weekday. Still, it is the responsibility of students to maintain a clean and sanitary facility so we ask that you utilize cleaning wipes to wipe down equipment after you use it. Let's try to practice negative waste: leave the space cleaner than when you got there!

Will classes be offered at Fit for Thought?

No, classes are currently not offered within Fit for Thought. If you would like to lead a class, please contact the club leaders via Slack.

Who can join Fit for Thought events?

Fit for Thought events are intended to engage a wide audience, and specific eligibility will be determined on a per-event basis.

Are volunteer opportunities available for those seeking Internship Fund eligibility?

We have supported this in past years, but have limited need for volunteers at this time. Please contact the club leaders via Slack if you are interested in volunteering.