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The Education Club's mission is engage all students interested in education through a combination of events, career support, and community. The Club seeks to meet these goals by: 1) hosting dynamic events, panels, or speakers related to topics in education, 2) supporting the career search of students in the education industry alongside the CDO, and 3) create a community space to discuss passions in education and support peer members. The club also seeks to provide opportunities for students to volunteer in local education institutions and organize fundraisers to support education initiatives in the New Haven community.









Members Benefits

As members of the Education Club, you will get information and resources related to the Education field in the US and internationally, including networking opportunities with The Broad Master's students, list of alumni who have been involved in the Education space, and diverse access to job opportunities within the education space

Events & Activities

Our events include inviting speakers who are working in the Education space, providing space for current students to share skills in the spirit of learning, and helping students who are pivoting away and into Education thrive in their recruiting.


Education Club hosts a lot of information related to job openings and alumni database that are helpful to navigate the complexity of working in the Education space. These resources are available to all of our club members.


The Education Club are connected to many organizations within the Education, such as the EdTech MBA community, The Broad Centre at Yale SOM, Yale-wide grad-ed study community, and alumni all around the world.

Our Team

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Peter Kelpin

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Manisha Dhankar

Club Leader
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Natasha Quamily

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Fatika Akmaliana

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Edward Chiu

Budget Officer
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Sojung Choi

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Amruth Sunki Reddy

Club Leader
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Neha Mittapalli


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