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Courses on Data Analytics at Yale

School of Management

MGT 803: Decision Making with Data

MGT 817: Sports Analytics

MGT 510: Data Analysis and Causal Inference

MGT 556: Big Data and Customer Analytics

MGT 575: Social Media Analytics

MGT 672: Practicum in Data Analysis Using Stata

MGT 809: Advanced Business Analytics with Spreadsheets

MGT 819: Big Data

MGT 858: Datasystems

MGT 877: Simulation Modeling

Department of Computer Science

CPSC 100: Introduction to Computing and Programming

CPSC 112: Introduction to Programming

CPSC 123: YData: An Introduction to Data Science

CPSC 201: Introduction to Computer Science

CPSC 223: Data Structures and Programming Techniques

CPSC 365: Algorithms

Department of Statistics and Data Science

S&DS 262: Computational Tools for Data Science

S&DS 565: Introduction to Machine Learning

S&DS 365: Intermediate Machine Learning