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About Us

The American Latine Business Association (ALBA) is an inclusive community of American Latine students at Yale SOM and those interested in US Latine cultures and experiences. ALBA is committed to supporting the professional and social development of Latine leaders to impact business and US Latine communities.


We build camaraderie within our Latine community and allies by catering food from local Latine-owned businesses in New Haven. Hosted once a quarter, our community lunches enable students to take a break from recruiting and studying and enjoy a delicious meal whilst catching up with friends.

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ALBA enhances diversity in business school admissions by guiding Latine students through application challenges. We offer personalized advice as you apply to Yale SOM . Our efforts aim to elevate Latine representation and success in business education, fostering a future rich in diverse leadership.

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Professional Development

At the American Latine Business Association (ALBA), we are committed to advancing the professional growth of our members. ALBA equips Latine professionals with the tools needed for career advancement. Our goal is to empower our community to achieve excellence and leadership in the business world, driving forward both individual success and collective impact.

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Our Mission

The American Latine Business Association (ALBA) empowers Latine professionals and students by providing educational, networking, and leadership resources. Our mission is to enhance diversity in the business sector, supporting our members' growth and fostering a network of future leaders committed to making a meaningful impact.









Our Team

Miguel Agreda Profile

Miguel Agreda

Club Leader
Jai Singh Profile

Jai Singh

Miguel Baca Profile

Miguel Baca

Budget Officer
Andres Jaegerman Profile

Andres Jaegerman

Julian Gustavo Fuentes Loza Profile

Julian Gustavo Fuentes Loza

Camila Novo-Viano Profile

Camila Novo-Viano

Club Leader
Alexander Besser Profile

Alexander Besser

Malcolm Cardona-Spence Profile

Malcolm Cardona-Spence

Club Leader
India Gupta Profile

India Gupta

Axel Gomez-Parada Profile

Axel Gomez-Parada

Budget Officer
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Kimberly Rosa-Perez

Christian Avila Profile

Christian Avila

Club Leader