Current Leadership

Sarah Gannon|Co-President

MBA/MPH Class of 2022

Sarah is a second year in the accelerated MBA/MPH program at Yale. She is passionate about improving global health equity through increasing access to and affordability of healthcare. Prior to SOM, Sarah worked for 3.5 years as a market analytics associate at a global health nonprofit in Seattle. Key projects included building an analytical tool to help governments plan cervical cancer screening and treatment programs, and advising global pharmaceutical companies on emerging market strategy. Before this, she worked for 2.5 years in Boston at a market research consulting firm focused on the diagnostics industry. She has a B.S. in Biology and Spanish from Tufts University. She spent Summer 2021 interning on the Strategy & Consulting team at Pfizer, and hopes to remain in the life sciences industry. Besides geeking out on healthcare, she loves traveling near and far, camping and hiking in the PNW, cooking vegetarian meals, and competing (often poorly) in bar trivia.

Wei Wang|Co-President

MBA Class of 2022

Wei is passionate about healthcare, hoping to contribute to improving access of healthcare products and services to patients with innovative business solutions. As a member of the HC&LC team, he is keen to build an open forum where professionals and students share and learn about healthcare. Prior to SOM, Wei worked in the strategic initiatives team of a MedTech company, Teleflex APAC Headquarter. Before that, he was a consultant in IQVIA Singapore office serving clients in pharmaceutical industry. He had experience on opportunity assessment, go-to-market strategy, business model assessment, etc. in various emerging markets. Coming from China, Wei studied and worked in Singapore for over a decade. He graduated from National University of Singapore with two Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics. He is a big fan of soccer, and he also likes to do some Chinese calligraphy in his spare time.

Vicki Clarke|VP, Education & Enrichment

MPH-HCM Class of 2022

As the Education & Enrichment Chair, Vicki aims to promote learning and collaboration for the diverse individuals of the Yale School of Management and the greater health care and life sciences community. She is a first-generation college student, attending undergrad at Vassar College originally on a pre-medical track. After discovering the world of healthcare management and public health, she set out to gain her MPH and become a successful leader in healthcare. She brings over four years of clinical experience as an EMT-B, as well as research and presentation experience. In Summer 2021, she completed her administrative residency at the Cleveland Clinic, where she interned with the Emergency Services Institute and served as a project manager for numerous initiatives. She will be returning to the Clinic after graduation as an Administrative Fellow. In her free time, Vicki likes to read, play the violin, and try new coffee recipes!

Lydia Li|VP, Social & Community Building

MPH-HCM Class of 2022

Lydia was previously a consultant at PwC Advisory helping Tech and SAAS clients with financial advisory in deals transaction execution. She is pivoting her career into healthcare, hoping to invest in people that share her purpose. In her spare time, Lydia loves to curl up and read a good book, hang out with her cat Mango, surf on the waters, and spend time in nature getting sunshine and fresh air. Lydia is also a first-time marathon runner, fantasy enthusiast, world wanderlust, and mental wellness advocate.

Rachael Pann|Chair of Career Development

MBA/MPH Class of 2023

After graduating from the MBA/MPH accelerated program, Rachael aspires to continue her work in the healthcare industry doing internal strategy at a large hospital system with a focus on patient engagement. She uncovered a specific passion for health equity while doing Teach for America and seeing the stark differences in care afforded to her and her students. This motivated her interest at the intersection of healthcare management and public health – both perspectives needed to be an empathetic leader in this space. She has worked previously for one of the largest non-for-profit hospital systems managing their digital COVID-19 vaccine initiatives and for a state’s health insurance marketplace optimizing a convoluted experience. Outside school you can find her at the dog park with Marie, scoping out the restaurant scene and unwinding with a hike.

Lily Johnston|Co-Chair of Communications

MPH Class of 2023

Lily is a first-year student in the Health Care Management program at the Yale School of Public Health, in conjunction with the Yale School of Management. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2021 with a B.S. in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and a minor in History of Law and Policy. Before starting in the MPH program at Yale, Lily was involved in research examining historical patterns of police violence and the criminalization of minority communities in Detroit. She additionally worked on projects studying the cognitive psychology of creative thinking and scientific reasoning. She became interested in public health because of its interdisciplinary nature, which would allow her to understand broad problems in healthcare through multiple lenses. Her primary interest within the health field is how to expand equity and access within healthcare systems.

Xuefei Gao|Co-Chair of Communications

MBA/MPH Class of 2023

Xuefei is an MBA/MPH dual degree student at Yale. She is also the Blavatnik Associates at Yale Office of Cooperative Research to support life science commercialization, licensing and start up efforts with Blavatnik Fellows, and the Student Fellow at Yale Law School Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy. She is passionate about innovation in healthcare.

Prior to Yale, Xuefei worked at CTS Funds, a healthcare-biotech focused PE firm in China, where she joined as the fourth member and invested in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Xuefei earned her B.A. from Tsinghua University in China. She was exempted from China’s nation college entrance exam for winning First Prize in 2012 China Biology Olympiad. Besides her exploration in healthcare industry, she has a robot pet Vector and aims to become a part-time documentary filmmaker in future.

Adeyoola Adeniji|Co-Chair of Education

MBA Class of 2023

Adeyoola or "Yoola" Adeniji is a first-year MBA student at the Yale School of Management. She has a background in health technology and digital health implementation. She has garnered experience in managing the development of electronic health record tools, managing change and technological implementation in primary care settings, and operationalizing health software user onboarding for provider organizations. Yoola also has a passion for health equity and is motivated by the opportunity to cultivate a healthcare system that delivers high quality healthcare services to all populations. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education with a specialization in Community Health Promotion from the University of Florida.

Emily Gudbranson|Co-Chair of Education

MBA/MD Class of 2023

Emily is a fourth year in the MBA-MD program at Yale. She is passionate about addressing healthcare disparities not only in her future clinical practice, but also at the macro level through systems- and policy-based reform. Prior to SOM, Emily worked for two years as senior research fellow to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University and loves action movies, dance cardio, and coffee naps.

Hargobind Khalsa|Chair of Social & Community Building

MPH Class of 2023

Hargobind’s experience at Public Consulting Group (PCG) as a consultant in Medicaid waiver design, implementation and evaluation instilled a passion for population health management and alternative payment models (APMs). Key projects at PCG included evaluation of Section 1115 waivers regarding expansion of Accountable Care Organization as well as measurement of quality outcomes and provider access for adult Medicaid expansion waivers. As a first-year student in Health Care Management, his focus remains on driving solutions in population health management and APMs. He also seeks to build a collaborative community at the School of Management for individuals interested in all facets of health care and life sciences. Hargobind is an avid cyclist, biking 50-70+ miles weekly. He loves to stay active and outdoors.