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Match and Event Schedule 

Spring 2018
3/31 Columbia Business School, Away
4/15-16 MBA Rugby World Cup @ Duke, Away
4/21 Alumni Game, Home


We are all graduate students on this team, and we understand that academic and family priorities will often take precedent over YGRFC events. Our goal on this team is to be as flexible as possible about commitment, so that as many people can be involved in the team who would like to be. If your schedule is such that you have to miss games or practices, that is okay. We only ask that you do your best to support everyone on this team in achieving their personal goals for being on the team (whether their goals are primarily social, staying in shape, or competing at a high level in rugby). This means doing your best to schedule your time so that you are able to attend as many YGRFC events as possible as a member of this team.