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Who can join Yale Grad Rugby?

Yale at Harvard (Under the Lights), September 2013The Yale Grad Rugby Football Club (YGRFC) is looking for individuals that want to stay in shape, like competition, and enjoy the social aspects of being on a team. Whether you've played in undergrad or are new to the game, we encourage you to come learn the game, compete with local clubs and university teams, and have a great time with fellow students from the 13 graduate and professional schools at Yale. The season runs from August through April – players can join at any time and the team is flexible with individual conflicts. We are a strong, competitive, and fun group.

YGRFC draws its players from all the graduate schools of Yale University, with the majority of participants from the School of Management and the School of Medicine. We welcome players of all skill levels and experience. Virtually all members have the opportunity to travel and play against regional, and national competition.

How to become a member?

Step 1: Come to the club fair at Yale SOM in early August and sign up with your name and e-mail address. We will add you to the campus groups page, which we will use to communicate the practice, match, and social schedule. If you are part of another graduate school at Yale University, contact one of our officers to be added to the list. 

You can also add yourself to the campusgroups club page by clicking here.

Step 2: Pay dues. Please go to the dues page, find the membership type you want, and use the paypal link to make payment. Dues are used to cover equipment, tournament fees, transportation, and other costs. The dues you pay are EXTREMELY LOW compared to the subsidies you get through our sponsor network, which is one of the many advantages of joining this club. 

Step 3: Gear up! Visit the team gear page to find out what you need to purchase for practice and games. 

Why become a member?

Rugby is a full contact sport that combines elements of soccer and American football. Rugby is the second most popular spectator sport in the entire world and is rapidly growing in the United States. Most universities in the USA now have rugby teams (it is the fastest growing collegiate sport in the USA), and local men’s clubs are becoming more popular as well (rugby has grown 28% annually in the Northeastern USA in the last decade). In 2012, rugby was included in the Olympics for the first time.

Rugby’s popularity stems, in part, from the diverse array of opportunities it offers its players. The sport of rugby is played by teams of 15 players, and among those 15 players, there is a position for someone of virtually any body type from short and heavy to tall and skinny and everything in between. Our team takes this a step further. We require no experience, and start each season assuming everyone is new to the game, opening up the team to anyone who is interested in learning. No only does rugby allow players of all shapes and sizes to play a role on the field, a significant part of rugby is its culture off the field.

  • Social Life: Rugby is a profoundly social sport. Teams routinely go out together after practice, and after matches it is an expectation that the home team hosts the visiting team for a social. Rather than the bad blood most sports breed with competition, rugby fosters a brotherhood of rugby players you will be a part of where ever you travel in the world. 
  • Networking: Current Yale Grad Rugby members and past alumni work in the field of law, medicine, entrepreneurship, and finance. Past and present members have a strong bond and are very well connected. Networking opportunities are available for those interested. 
  • Tournaments: We play our hearts out during Hogfest, the MBA world cup, and the other tournaments we attend. Our matches are typically against the top business schools (HBS, NYU, Tuck, Wharton, Columbia, and more), and thus after games it's a great opportunity to meet some of your peers at other institutions.