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We require that members pay dues prior to the first game we hold during each semester. The operations of our team are financed by a combination of sponsorships, player dues, and Yale funding. We try to keep dues as affordable for players as possible. Please speak to us if you would like to play, but you feel that financial difficulties will keep you from doing so.

Please reference the membership type you would like from the list below:

Basic Memberships

  1. First semester rookie - $45/semester
  2. Returning player - $65/semester

Dues should be paid as soon as possible via campus groups. Alternatively, you can give cash or a check made out to "Yale Grad Rugby Football Club" to any club officer.


Please send checks made payable to “Yale University” to the Yale Development Office, Box 2038, New Haven, CT  06521-2038.  It is important that each donor also write a brief cover letter stating that the gift is for the Yale Graduate Rugby Team.

Funds are used for jerseys, tournaments, fields/logistics for matches, and other administrative expenses.