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What We Do

SIC consultants help local nonprofits solve a number of critical business challenges. Our projects are tailored to the needs of our clients and fall into five key categories:

1) Financial Planning 

These projects help clients evaluate their current and future financial state—including cash flows, asset values, spending, and more—and develop plans to meet their financial goals. For example, last year one Yale SOM team helped Canal Dock Boathouse Inc. define its revenue streams and quantify its expected revenue—years before the boathouse’s anticipated opening in 2017. 

2) Human Resources

These projects help clients manage their employees through thoughtful and effective policies and systems, such as employee recruitment, performance appraisals, training, and more. In 2014-15, one Yale SOM team helped Connecticut Veterans Legal Center formalize job descriptions and establish a new process to welcome and train new employees. 

3) Marketing/PR

These projects help clients communicate the value of their services to external stakeholders and manage the spread of information to the public. In 2014, one SIC consulting team helped a mental health clinic develop a communications strategy to engage its patients and staff more effectively through its print and electronic announcements.

4) Operations

These projects help clients improve the performance of their equipment, property, and processes. For example, last year one Yale SOM team helped SARAH Inc. develop a plan to optimize the routes and pickup schedules of its van fleet to reduce costs.

5) Strategic Planning

These projects help clients form, implement, and evaluate plans involving the organization's lineup of services and its impact on the community. For instance, last year one Yale SOM team worked with Housing Development Fund to develop a Social Return on Investment (SROI) tool to measure the impact of three major programs.

6) Design/Innovation

A new category launched in partnership with the Yale SOM Design and Innovation Club!

We are now accepting 1-2 projects that help clients design a new process, product, service, or program, or improve upon an existing one. The design thinking process starts with empathy (customer observation of needs), ideation (or brainstorming), prototyping (creating a low-tech version of the idea to test assumptions of the idea with customers), and ends with iteration (or learning from the prototypes, improving on it, and doing it again but better). A Design and Innovation Club leader will help guide the SIC team on how to do these four steps with your project in mind.