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4YOU2 is a certified B-Corp that is dedicated to bringing high-quality English language instruction to underprivileged Brazilians. In just a few short years, it has gained a reputation as Brazil’s most economic, trustworthy, and accessible source of English language education. Its current challenge is maintaining significant growth and impact while maintaining quality and low costs. Our GSE team is collaborating with 4YOU2 to analyze the viability of different expansion models that will help it meet its short- and long-term quality, pricing, and sustainability goals. 

Projeto CIES

Projeto CIES is a nonprofit organization that brings mobile medical care, prevention and education to communities in need throughout Brazil, from the favelas of Sao Paulo to the riverside communities of the Amazon. In the last two years, CIES has grown to 10 times its original size, and its increased impact  has led to internal challenges as CIES struggles to support its growth. Our GSE team will work with CIES to develop a planning tool with key indicators and metrics that help the organization support its growing impact on struggling communities throughout Brazil.


Avante is a B corporation with the mission of providing quality and affordable financial services for lower income families living in favelas. The GSE team will be working with Avante to help improve and scale their financial education web platform so that it reaches more individuals and effectively builds trust with consumers who have been excluded from the financial mainstream


In Brazil, 8 out of 10 people do not have health insurance. dr.consulta is a network of low-cost medical clinics that offer quality services to families who would not otherwise have access to healthcare. Founded in 2011, dr.consulta operates 5 clinics in São Paulo and plans to open 10 more next year. With your help, Yale SOM and dr.consulta will team up to develop a patient lifetime revenue value methodology that will guide the organization’s strategic decisions moving forward.  

Peixes da Amazonia

Peixes da Amazonia is one of the 5 Brazilian social enterprises the GSE class is consulting to this Spring.  This aquaculture organization is committed to producing native Amazonian fish for human consumption in a sustainable way. Their business model helps local, independent farmers to take advantage of this regular source of income and use their natural resources in an environmentally responsible way. Our GSE team will be helping Peixes da Amazonia to explore different markets and create a strategy to expand its reach.