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The 2018 Yale SOM Student Government





Yale SOM Student Government

The Yale SOM Student Government is comprised of thirty-three elected members. Of these members, eighteen are permanent standing committee chairs from each of the first and second year classes. Eight serve as cohort representatives and one as an MAM representative. Five members represent SOM to the overall Yale Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

Christina Whatley





Standing Committee Chairs

Academic Affairs Chair


   Technology and Operations Chair







Gokul Madhavan               

          Susannah Burrage





Admissions Chair


   Alumni Affairs Chair







Uma Krishnan


                   Jesse Aronica





Career Development Chair


   Clubs & Finance Chair





Vinay Kanchanapally


                Ha-andza Young





Communications and 
Marketing Chair


   Equity and Inclusion Chair




Aarshiya Chaudhry


         Mariah Minigan




Student Life Committee Chair






Alyxandra Hopkins      


Cohort and Program Representatives

Blue Cohort 


   Gold Cohort 

Nate Silver                Alex Kasavin  

Green Cohort 


   Silver Cohort 




Lauren Motzkin                    Adrianne Eby  

Red Cohort 


   Orange Cohort 

Joe Rigodanzo        

Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Senators

Marco Pizzitola          

MAM and MMS Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Senator