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Ivy K. Lau
Ivy Lau is a “third-culture kid” in many ways – she has lived in many cultures, explored different faiths and worldviews, and tested professional opportunities in quite a few sectors and industries. What she has seen through these diverse experiences is the amazing grace of God’s perfect care for this imperfect world. She is learning, failing, and relearning to love and serve like Christ in her relationships, classes, activities, and being. If you want to talk about faith and work, international development (and career ADD), or hear her stories of living in Hong Kong, Wales, Tanzania, and D.C., please hit her up for coffee or dim sum! That’s a request she can’t refuse! Feel free to check out the Elm City Vineyard Church with her on Sunday afternoons! Her email is ivy.lau@yale.edu.

Judd Lorson
Judd grew up in a Christian home in Central PA. He went to Drexel University to study mechanical engineering. Facing a large student loan balance and uncertain about his desire to be an engineer he took a year off from college to contemplate his future. During this time he met his wife Lindsay and decided to join the military. He returned to Drexel to finish his degree and then served as a submarine officer in the Navy completing deployments to the Persian Gulf, South America and the Mediterranean Sea. During their time in the Navy Judd and Lindsay began to learn more about what the Bible has to say about how to handle money. Armed with this knowledge they decided to pay off their debts and began to share what they learned with others at their church and in the local community. After eight years in the military Judd made the transition to SOM where he is involved in entrepreneurial actives and learning more about private equity investments (RE/PE/VC). Judd and Lindsay are members of Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven. You can reach at judd.lorson@yale.edu.

Maggie Chau, CPA, CA
After immigrating from Hong Kong in time to start third grade, God reached out to Maggie via her first friend in Toronto who ultimately introduced her to the gospel and led her to accept Jesus. If that were not exciting enough, her future husband also immigrates from HK and joins the same school a year later. One of her goals when she arrived at SOM is to develop her spiritual maturity by prioritizing her time with God, which has not proven to be easy among a flurry of business school events and activities. She has managed her #fomo sufficiently well and would love to share the lessons learned. Maggie is passionate about contributing to a future where corporations are truly accountable to the entire spectrum of stakeholders rather than just investors. If you want to chat about the future of finance and the role of faith in your career (or anything else) over some Thai or Vietnamese cuisine (her 3-year long obsession is still going strong), please reach out via maggie.chau@yale.edu.  

Kendall Boyd
Kendall is just beginning her spiritual journey and ever growing relationship with God. Baptized in 2011, her journey has not been smooth, but has filled her life with incredible people, experiences, and challenges. A former consultant and an active member of the SOM community, she strives to incorporate her faith in her leadership roles (Media & Entertainment, Hockey, Christian Fellowship) and as a club participant (Yale Entrepreneurship Institute, Career Coach). Kendall enjoys discussing the role of faith in work and discovering your calling. If you are a career switcher unsure of your calling, please reach out to chat (kendall.boyd@yale.edu) over cookies or coffee!