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National Meeting
A highlight of the year is our National Meeting. The Smith Soc National Meeting brings together MBA students, alumni, and business leaders for a weekend of thought-provoking panels and lively discussion. Our meeting provides a unique opportunity for MBA students to meet with some of today’s most important free-market business leaders and to network with many other students from top business schools across the country. A closing cocktail reception and awards ceremony highlights the winners of our various competitive awards. The National Office provides generous travel scholarships for Adam Smith Society student members.
Smith Soc National Meeting headliners have included some of the most accomplished names from the worlds of business, media, academics, and government, including:  

  • Former SEC commissioners Paul Atkins and Harvey Pitt
  • Chairman & CEO Of Amicus Therapeutics, Inc., John F. Crowley
  • Chairman, President & CEO of Southern Company, Thomas A. Fanning
  • Chair of Good360 & Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina
  • Retired Chairman & CEO of The American Express Co., Harvey Golub
  • ThirdPoint LLC founder Daniel Loeb
  • Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
  • SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci
  • Chairman & CEO of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., Bobby Tudor
  • CEO of CKE Restaurants, Andy Puzder
  • Founder & CEO of New Mountain Capital, Steven Klinsky
  • Fox Business Network and former ABC News reporter John Stossel
  • Editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol
  • Wall Street Journal features editor, Kate Bachelder
  • Founder of Partnership for Educational Justice, Campbell Brown
  • National Review columnist, Reihan Salam
  • Bloomberg View columnist, Megan McArdle
  • Brookings Institution Senior Fellow and Wall Street Journal columnist William Galston
  • RealClearPolitics Co-Founder & Executive Editor, Tom Bevan  

Leadership Retreat
To connect our Adam Smith Society chapter leaders with each other, National Office Staff, and prominent guests, we host a Leadership Retreat every summer. We organize a program that instructs new chapter leaders on the procedures and best practices for running a chapter and also gives exposure to select thought leaders from the Adam Smith Speakers Bureau and the Manhattan Institute.
Smith Soc Treks
Providing deeper connections between young business leaders and experienced, free market-minded experts is an important part of our mission. In service of this mission, the Adam Smith Society hosts Smith Soc Treks, a series of destination-based, weekend-long retreats created to provide deeper connections between Smith Soc members and leaders from the worlds of business, academia, and policy.
Each semester, Smith Soc will convene two all-expenses paid  treks, where a small group of members will participate in relaxed but engaging seminar-style directed discussions.
One trek will focus on a key historical & philosophical question, and another on a current and pressing public policy issue; each trek’s sessions will be led by experts in the field. Smith Soc Treks will allow members from a variety of industries, geographic regions, and MBA programs to connect and interact, sharing intellectual conversations possible in few other venues. Treks will be strictly for Adam Smith Society student and professional members and participants will be chosen by application only. For more information on current treks, please refer to the Smith Society official website: