Your Mental Health is Important.

Isolation, disconnection, waiting for good times again, incidents of racism, hatred and bigotry, missing loved ones. We've all experienced these feelings and moments during the pandemic and it can be tough to overcome these trials and to take stock of everything that is thrown at us. Sometimes we need a helping hand to guide us and get us back up on our feet.

Review the below resources at Yale to help support your mental health - it's important.


Self-care Tips

Generally it can be the simple things we do that help modify and change our mental state. Consider reviewing this quick resource of ways to help keep on top of your mental health!

Yale Health Counseling

Sometimes, only professional support can help us through the most trying of times. Review Yale's Mental Health and Counselling page for info on setting up an appointment.

Yale Stress Center

Yale School of Medicine has a center dedicated to understanding stress, and resources on how to reduce daily and acute stress to manage our wellbeing.

SHARE Services

Even in a virtual world, countless episodes of sexual harassment and misconduct can occur leaving us feeling insecure and traumatized. The Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education (SHARE) center provides support and steps you can take should you experience sexual harassment, in-person, virtual, anywhere.


All of us, in every role, belong to the Yale community. This site allows our community to reflect, celebrate, and take note of the losses we have had in the Yale community due to COVID-19. You can even submit a remembrance too.

Yale Chaplain's Office

It's not just medical intervention and support that can help. Our spiritual wellbeing is central to good mental health also, even if you don't belong to a religious community. Visit our page on the Chaplain's Office, which provides information on how to set up time to speak with a Chaplain.


YOU matter. Talk to us.

DOn't Know where to begin or just need to talk to someone familiar? Email AASL. you can talk to any of the team members you feel most comfortable with.

What if I need health coverage, but I'm not on campus currently?

Yale Health details important information for all students on the Yale Health Plan who may be out of state or away from the New Haven campus.

When we talk about looking after our mental health, wellness resources can also be a dramatic way to keep us on top of our mental health.

The Good Life Center at Yale (GLC)

Born from a growing awareness and enthusiasm for wellness, GLC is a space to inspire, teach, and practice living the good life.

Explore more about GLC

The Happiness Lab Podcast Series

Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos will alter the way you think about happiness in her podcast series, backed by science and stories!

Start listening now

FitStyle By Shana

A Yale University graduate, Shana is a fitness expert, focusing on finding the small ways to get active in our daily lives that can make a big impact to our health.

Visit FitStyle by Shana


Need a quick reminder on the essentials you can do anytime, anywhere?

Click to see AASL's PDF flipbook on the easy things you can do to keep you and others safe and sane!


Together, we can beat COVID-19 and protect our mental wellbeing.